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Using Body Language (and Humor) To Explain Parts of Speech

Found in: Kinesthetic Learning

We asked educators if they used body language in the classroom to communicate with students to engage them. Ms. Colquitt shared her series of moves to reinforce the functions of parts of speech.

“I have leaned totally over a student desk, while singing 'You just keep me hanging on!', to illustrate subordinating clauses,” she wrote. “While independent clauses simply require a beefed-up chest and hands on the hips, signifying that I am Batman...I can ‘stand alone!’

“I imitate the referee's signal for a touchdown before I throw a Minnesota Vikings' football to demonstrate an action verb (the quarterback) sending off its action and always hitting its mark, the direct object (the receiver).

“I vigorously slap the back of my hand onto the other six times, representing how an action verb is something that you can ‘see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and do, do, do, do, do,!’

“I do a terrible dance routine for linking verbs, but for being verbs I just sit there with my nose in the air, like a stuffy aristocrat, being quite bored, as I do nothing and go nowhere!”

“Kids love [it] because it's high energy [and] fun!”


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