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Using Selfies to Learn About the Library

Found in: Back To School, Learning Students’ Names, School Library

I teach an introductory computer class at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. The first day of class I have my students go to the school library and take a selfie of themselves holding a journal related to their major; they then submit the selfie file to the course learning management system (LMS). This accomplishes several things:

  • makes them go into the library (I made this a requirement after reading Steve Kolowich's 2011 article "What Students Don't Know" found on the site)
  • introduces them to the stacks related to their major (they will be doing research, after all)
  • introduces them to the research librarians, whom they can consult about using the school’s digital resources
  • gives me a picture of each student so I can more quickly learn their names
  • checks their basic proficiency using the LMS drop boxes to post assignments

Although the occasional nontraditional student may find this a bit of a challenge, most students don’t really see it as an assignment but as a way to painlessly earn a few points on the first day of class.


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