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Vacation Scrapbook

Found in: make-up work

When I had a student leave for a two-week vacation to the Grand Canyon area, I gave him a simple scrapbook, a few pages, and some fun pens. I also provided him with a notebook to use as his daily diary. I asked him to gather everything he could about his trip like pamphlets, postcards, ticket stubs, pictures, etc. Since he would be writing in his diary and putting together a story of his trip, I counted this assignment as his grade for English/language arts. The historical aspect was easy because of his destination and counted as social studies. I gave him math tailored to his trip using word problems based on time and distance.

When he returned, he shared his adventure with the class using his scrapbook and diary. After grading, he and his family had a scrapbook and notebook full of memories to cherish. This assignment took the pressure off of the student to think he would need to try to make-up or keep up on the daily amount of schoolwork, and it allowed me to have a fun and fulfilling way to help him return with a project that was exciting for everyone.


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