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Velcro Pencil Holders

Found In: cleanup, routines & procedures, supplies

I found that putting a one-inch square of black Velcro up in the corner of each student’s desk with a pencil wrapped in the soft Velcro attached to it is an awesome way keep pencils in their proper place and not scattered all over the room or buried in students’ desks.

All the pencils are #2 and yellow. I have student helpers, college students, and volunteers who sharpen, cut, and wrap new pencils as needed. I have a Pringles can that I wrapped with duct tape for dull pencils and a second one for sharp pencils. I also have a small wire container with pencil top erasers in case students need them. The school supplies all pencils and erasers.

I’ve been doing this for 15 years, and it has worked famously.


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