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Spokes on a Wheel Writing Graphic

Found In: language arts, written composition, diagramming & visualizing

In order to make writing activities less intimidating and more fun, I make sure that students choose writing topics they like. Even when working with an autistic student who was extremely low performing, but mainstreamed, this is the most important thing.

Next, make it easy. Have them create a graphics organizer in the shape of a circle with the topic inside. Then, draw "spokes" from the circle. On each line, or spoke, write a sentence that pertains to their topic. For example, if their topic is skateboarding, on one spoke write fun, and then continue with all the things you and they can think of that relates to the topic: cost, clothing, equipment, competition, etc.

Each line then gets its own graphics organizer circle and spokes. Have them write five things about each. When finished, the essay is nearly done. All they need to do is put it together. They essentially have all the paragraphs developed and each of the sentences written. Finally, add an intro and a conclusion, and they have it. This works obviously on any subject.


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