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Writing Utensil Collection

Found in: end of year; reduce, reuse, recycle

Start a collection of castoff pens and pencils. Keep a few on your desk to lend to students. This collection cuts down on trips to lockers and on items borrowed from classmates. When my students clean out lockers at the end of the year, I ask them to give me any unwanted pens or pencils. I receive about fifty of them. I keep a few in a cup on my desk, and as they disappear, I replenish them. If a student walks off with one, it didn't cost me anything, and I'd rather the student takes mine than swipes someone else's. I also pick up stray pencils and erasers I find in the hallways. When a student has a pencil without an eraser, I give him/her one of my erasers and let the student keep it. The kids think I am SO generous.

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