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Virtual Classroom Management

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Virtual Classroom Management is a collection of free online tools gathered by the Technology Resource Teachers of Frederick County, Maryland. Tools include timers, noise monitors, point trackers, random name generators, charts, and more.


Online Stopwatch includes analog and digital timers as well as an egg timer, stopwatch (count up or down), talking clock, metronome, chess clock, an interval timer, and split lap timer. Timers can be displayed full screen and on interactive whiteboards.

Noise Control

  • Bouncy Balls uses the increased agitation of multicolored and sized balls to indicate sound level.
  • Calmness Counter uses an analog meter and gauge and lets teachers set microphone sensitivity.
  • Traffic Light Flash File lets teachers indicate sound level by setting a green, yellow, or red light.

Motivating Students

Whiteboard Quiz Scorer lets teachers enter quiz name and two team names and project score standings on a whiteboard. Motivating music, sound effects, visuals, and a timer are available. The sound can be turned off.

Tracking Behavior

Class Dojo lets teachers provide immediate feedback by assigning and displaying positive or negative points for behavior by smart phone, whiteboard, or computer. Teachers can add and delete behaviors to customize their display. With Class Dojo, teachers can generate and share student reports with parents and administrators. A brief video provides an overview.



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