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When You Have to Be Absent

Found in: Classroom Management

What happens when you have to be absent from school? Are you prepared for the substitute teacher? Get ready now -- before you have to make that call or send that e-mail.

Here are some steps you can take today:

  1. Create a Substitute Teacher Folder. Help your substitute teachers do a better job by making sure everything they need is marked and handy.
    S.O.S.— Save Our Substitutes
    Information on preparing the file folder. (Michigan Education Association)

    Create a Substitute Information File
    An information sheet with data to leave for your substitute. (North Carolina Association of Educators)

  2. Read articles about the substitute teaching experience and what everyone expects from the substitute teacher.
    A Substitute Talks About Abusive Language
    K-12 substitute teacher Doug Provencio shares insights & tools for handling abusive language.

    OnWEAC Helps Substitute Teachers Get a Job
    An article about how Wisconsin's Professional Development Academy is helping substitute teachers get jobs. (Wisconsin Education Association 2002)

  3. Check out a book about quality substitute teachers.
    Standing in Your Shoes
    Doug Provencio's checklist book for classroom and substitute teachers. (NEA Professional Library 2003)

  4. Take a course or tell your substitute teachers about available courses.
    Substitute Teacher Training
    Online training for prospective substitute teachers offered by the Wisconsin Education Association Council's (WEAC's) Professional Development Academy. It fulfills the Wisconsin requirement for a training course that non-certified substitute teachers must take, but it is available to anyone in any state.

Organize your materials now. Being prepared for the substitute teacher will help you feel better when you have to be absent. It will help the substitute teacher accomplish your educational goals. And it will help students and staff have a more productive time.


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