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Give Educators the Support and Respect They Deserve

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I pledge to support the change educators really need.

Educators want nothing more than to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world, but they can’t do it alone.  

They need the support of lawmakers, administrators, parents and even students—the full school community—in order to fully realize this mission.

We pledge to support the change educators really need:

Higher pay.

On average, teachers are paid almost 20% less than other college graduates, many needing to take second jobs to make ends meet. We must invest in educators long term by increasing base pay to eliminate the wage gap between teachers and comparable professionals and ensuring a living wage for all education support professionals. 

Addressing the educator shortage.

Fewer educators mean more pressure on each individual to carry an outsized load—larger classes with less one-on-one time with students, and rising demands on their time. Already, 55% of educators are considering leaving the profession due to rising stress and demoralization. We can’t afford to let this staffing crisis continue. 

Mental health support for educators and students alike.

The stress, trauma, and strain on educators and students has risen exponentially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We must address staff mental health and burnout, and hire more school counselors to meet the growing needs of students, so that schools become a healing-centered learning environment for all.  

Respect for the profession they love.

Educating students is hard work, and the professionalism of this work must be recognized. Educators deserve adequate time to plan their lessons, freedom from high-stakes testing, and to have their voices heard and trusted by their school communities.