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Invest in Public Education

It’s time for Congress to invest in the children who are the future of America.

Take Action

Urge your senators and representative to support the largest possible increases in education funding.

Tight budget controls severely constricted education funding for many years. As a result, ongoing education programs receive $8.3 billion less than they did a decade ago in inflation-adjusted terms. 

We urge Congress to help reverse this tragic trajectory by supporting increases in education funding. We also urge Congress to resist cutting or capping non-defense discretionary (NDD) funding in a manner that reduces education funding.  

In particular, we support increasing investments in schools with high poverty rates through Title I funding, in children with disabilities through IDEA, in full-service community schools, and in career and technical education. 

President Biden’s FY2024 budget proposal includes: 

  • $20.5 billion for Title I, a $2.2 billion increase 
  • $16.3 billion for IDEA, a $2.7 billion increase 
  • $368 million for Full-Service Community Schools, a $218 million increase 
  • $578 million to increase the number of school-based counselors, psychologists, social workers, and other health professionals in K-12 schools
  • $495 million for programs to recruit and retain educators
  • Increases the Pell grant maximum by $500