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Pass the Respect for Marriage Act

The Respect for Marriage Act would officially ensure all married couples have the same legal rights and protections—now and in the future.
gay couple kissing at their wedding Wallace Araujo/ Pexels

Take Action

Urge your senators to pass the Respect for Marriage Act without delay.

No matter who we are, what we look like, or who we love, all Americans should have the freedom to love, marry, and raise a family with their chosen partner.   

But some decision makers in Congress and in the courts want to restrict the fundamental freedom of same-sex and interracial couples to marry—a right that for millions of Americans is the foundation they’ve built their families and communities on. 

When U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote his concurring opinion in the decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, he suggested that the Court’s decisions on marriage equality, access to contraception, and consensual relationships between LGBTQ+ people should also be overturned. The Respect for Marriage Act was written explicitly to combat his clarion call.  

The legislation will ensure all Americans have the freedom to marry the person they love and be able to live and build their lives together—no exceptions.   

Email your senators and tell them to bring up the Respect for Marriage Act up for a vote and pass it without delay.