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Stop Divisive Undermining of Local Public Schools

Some Republicans in the House want to undermine local control, insert the federal government as a national school board, and facilitate censorship and book bans.
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Take Action

Urge your representative to oppose the Parents Bill of Rights Act (H.R. 5)

A healthy school community is composed of dedicated staff members and engaged students, as well as interested and involved parents and other loved ones. 

The Parents Bill of Rights Act (H.R. 5) would undermine such communities—not help create them—by stoking racial and social animosity and facilitating censorship and book bans. 

An us-versus-them mindset hurts students, disregards educators’ professionalism, and undermines a basic American value: All our students—regardless of race, zip code, or background—deserve the support, tools, and opportunity to learn and succeed.