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Diversity Resources

Culturally Responsive Teaching
Information and strategies for adapting teaching to meet the needs of all students. From Brown University.

Diverse Schools: "Skewing Myths About Diverse Schools"
Education columnist Jay Mathews discusses how author and parent Eileen Gale Kugler debunks seven myths that scare smart parents away from diverse schools. From the Washington Post (August 2004).

Diversity Calendar
Monthly listings of ethnic, national, and religious days. From the University of Kansas.

Diversity Web
This is a resource hub for higher education, part of an initiative is designed to create new pathways for diversity collaboration and connection, via the World Wide Web and more traditional forms of print communication. It is part of a larger communications initiative entitled Diversity Works.

Educating Teachers for Diversity
This article addresses the critical issue of preparing future teachers to promote "meaningful, engaged learning for all students, regardless of their race, gender, ethnic heritage, or cultural background." From North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL).

Equity and Diversity Resources
Articles, self checklists, stories, and more on the issues of equity and diversity in the classroom. From the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse.

Glossary of Terms Related to Judaism
This resource provides the origin and definitions of hundreds of people, places, and things. Prepared initially by Robert A. Kraft, University of Pennsylvania.

Multicultural Education and Ethnic Groups: Selected Internet Sources
A mix of Web resources on multicultural education and diversity, including background articles, Web sites for K-12 teachers, bibliographies, biographies, ethnic cooking, religion, and more. From the California State University-Stanislaus Library.

Multiculturalism: Celebrate It Through Reading 365 Days a Year
These Web resources promote multiculturalism through literature. They provide a window on the world for your students.

Tapestry for Teachers of English Language Learners
The Tapestry is a resource center developed for preK-12 teachers and administrators who work with ELL students.

Teaching English Language Learners
What the research does—and does not—say. From the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) (2008).'s Resources for Teachers, Administrators, and Counselors
This Web site (a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center) encourages people from all walks of life to fight hate and promote tolerance. Two classroom resources are available free for the asking:
  » Teaching Tolerance magazine subscription (one copy per issue)
  » Responding to Hate at School booklet (available in bulk)