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Online Resources for Culturally Responsive Teachers

Culturally Responsive Teaching isn’t about heroes and holidays. It’s about connecting the classroom to the “realities of what students know and live,” as Emory University researcher Jacqueline Jordan Irvine puts it.  Browse our online collection of resources, including:

Sounds Great, But How Do I Do It?

Here's what the experts and the teachers and ESPs just like you who have tried the approach-think you should know about culturally-responsive teaching.

Ask the Experts

You've got questions about culturally responsive teaching and our panel has answers. Read what your colleagues are wondering and send in your won questions.

Classroom Activities

We found some examples of lessons created to bring culturally responsive teaching to life in the classroom.

Print and Online Resources

If you're just starting out, go to the books and guides that your Association has published, or ones that are recommended by noted researchers. Here are a few.

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Reading about culturally responsive teaching is one thing. But seeing it an action can help make reaching students of different backgrounds from your own click. In this online resource package, we've highlighted how one group of educators in Washington is incorporating American Indian culture into lessons. In this video, educator Denny Hurtado talks about how reading lessons focusing on the culture can bring it alive for students. And you can easily adapt the lesson’s components—video interviews with elders, reading passages—to engage students of other cultures in your own classroom.

The Northwest Native American Reading Curriculum is an interactive DVD and guide that is designed to help educators integrate American Indian culture into a reading curriculum. The DVD (available free-of-charge from contains video clips, reading passages and lesson plans celebrating Native culture. The authors say the lessons can be easily adapted to engage students of other cultures.

Check out these video clips, lesson plans and readings from the DVD!


Imagine showing your students a short video clip or two with elders of their community talking about something that relates to the culturally-responsive lesson you’re about to teach. In these videos, elders of the Skokomish Tribe discuss canoeing and drumming—the perfect introduction to the lesson plans and reading passages that follow.

Introduction – Denny Hurtado

The Canoe

The Drum


Lesson Plans: