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NEA president condemns actions of dismissed ACORN employees

WASHINGTON - September 17, 2009 -

In the wake of the alarming video released of ACORN’s staff, there have been several false reports about NEA’s monetary contributions to ACORN.

The following statement may be attributed to NEA President Dennis Van Roekel:
“NEA was stunned and appalled by the actions of some ACORN employees, which clearly violated the ethical standards set by the organization. It should be noted that ACORN acknowledged the inexcusable actions of those involved, immediately terminated them and is in the process of an independent internal review.
“ACORN has a long history as a noble organization with deep roots in giving a voice to low- and moderate-income communities.  It is because of ACORN’s extensive grassroots network and track record for mobilizing community involvement that NEA has been able to expand support for the Association’s goals by building statewide or local coalitions of community-based organizations, businesses, and faith-based and civic organizations. These broad coalitions have been effective in pushing back against attacks on working families and NEA members at the state level and mobilizing support for public education.

“Although we have worked with ACORN in the past, we have no current contract. Contrary to what is being reported, NEA has not given $1.2 million to ACORN—this is a gross exaggeration. Since 2002, we have contributed approximately $400,000 to ACORN.” 


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