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Educators Celebrate Hassan Gubernatorial Victory in New Hampshire

WASHINGTON - November 06, 2012 -

Following is a statement by NEA President Dennis Van Roekel on Maggie Hassan’s win as New Hampshire’s new governor.

The election of Maggie Hassan is a victory for students and for public education. At a time of increasing class sizes, inadequate school resources, and attacks on public schools, voters made clear that they want members of Congress who will make positive changes to benefit all students.

As a state senator, Hassan worked to expand educational opportunity by passing universal kindergarten, raising the dropout age, improving and protecting education funding, and investing in our community colleges and university system.

“Maggie’s a true champion of public education,” said Van Roekel. 

In NEA-NH’s endorsement of Hassan, NEA-New Hampshire President Scott McGilvray said Hassan will “safeguard the promise of a quality public education for every child in New Hampshire.”

Why Are Educators Involved in Elections?

NEA members’ top priority is ensuring that every child has access to a quality public school. That priority extends beyond the classroom, and it means educators speaking up about decisions that take place outside of school that affect their ability to educate their students. Local, state, and national politics have a direct impact on the quality of our public schools; speaking up for students requires speaking up in the political process.

Highlights on NEA in New Hampshire

  1. NEA-NH has over 16,000 members who were engaged up and down the ballot in 2012 elections.
  2. NEA-NH was the first public sector union to endorse Maggie Hassan for governor.
  3. NEA-NH is a proud partner with America Votes New Hampshire; together the New Citizens Alliance for Action and NEA-NH knocked on 31,561 doors and called 25,419 voters.
  4. NEA-NH ran a full program up and down the ballot, including Question 1. NEA made more than 700,000 voter contacts around the governor’s race, targeted state Senate races, and Question 1. The program included member-to-member contacts, canvassing, phone calls, and mail. NEA ran five weeks of statewide radio for Maggie Hassan that focused on the need to keep federal education funding for New Hampshire. 

Facts on NEA’s Election Activity Nationally

  • One out of every 100 Americans is an NEA member. 
  • In 2008, 1 in every 50 votes cast came from an NEA member. One in every 34 votes cast came from an NEA household. 
  • Our members live in every state, in every congressional district, and in every precinct.
  • NEA was the first union to endorse President Obama for a second term. We did so in 2011, meaning we could gear up and start educating and organizing our members. 
  • Educators are highly reliable voters. On average, NEA member voter turnout is 15 percent higher than the general public in presidential elections.
  • When it comes to political action, NEA members are involved. Almost half a million educators, NEA members, have been involved in some way in the presidential election.  
  • The vast majority of teachers are women. In fact, 74 percent of NEA members are women—a critical constituency in Decision 2012.

·         NEA has produced several online ads that have been seen by more than 13 million people.

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