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Plan an Event for American Education Week

From art work to fact sheets to media tips, these resources will guide you in planning a successful American Education Week (AEW)!

American Education Week 2016 Art Work


Download the 24 x 36 2016 poster here

Download the 18 x 24 2016 poster here

Download the 8.5 x 11 2016 poster here



web banners

Available in .PDF or .PNG:

AEW 2016_300x600_v1 (PDF) (PNG)
AEW 2016_320x50_v1 (PDF) (PNG)
AEW 2016_450x120_BW1 (PDF) (PNG)
AEW 2016_450x120_BW2 (PDF) (PNG)
AEW 2016_450x120_v1 (PDF) (PNG)
AEW 2016_851x315_v1 (PDF) (PNG)
AEW 2016_1024x150_v1 (PDF) (PNG)
AEW 2016_1080x1080_v1 (PDF) (PNG)
AEW 2016_1500x500_v1 (PDF) (PNG)



AEW 2016 Online Toolkits

  • Promotional Materials
    Resources you can use to promote your American Education Week (AEW) events and activities.
  • Activity Ideas
    Plan your AEW by browsing through these ideas to create a special celebration that honors the individuals who are making public schools great for every child.
  • Media Tips
    Learn how to build great relationships with your local media to drive AEW message reach as efficiently as possible. 
  • Writing a Press Release
    Craft powerful, attention-getting AEW press releases. 
  • Fact Sheets
    Provide your audiences with background information about AEWand its individual themes.


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