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Online Toolkit

Promotional Materials

Provided below are resources you can use to promote your American Education Week (AEW) events and activities.

Promote to Parents!
Use these samples to invite parents to participate their very own AEW day , and provide them with a form to confirm their participation.

  • Sample Parents Day Letter ( MS Word, 76 KB, 1 pg.)
    Customize and distribute this letter to parents inviting them to participate in "National Invite Parents to School Day."
  • Sample Parents Day Response Form ( MS Word, 45 KB, 1 pg.)
    Have parents fill out this form to confirm their participation in your event.

Sample Letters to the Media
Use these sample letters to the media to inform media outlets about the pertinent details of your celebration and, more importantly, to highlight the reasons they should cover your AEW story. Be sure to include a media alert and/or press release along with this letter. (View sample media alerts and press releases below.)

Sample Media Alerts
Tailor these media alerts with details about your event and distribute to you local print and broadcast media outlets.

Sample Press Releases
Customize these press releases and send them to local print and broadcast media outlets.

Sample Radio Public Service Announcements ( MS Word, 20 KB, 1 pg.)
Tailor these public service announcements and submit them to your local radio stations.

Sample AEW Newsletter Article ( MS Word, 16 KB, 1 pg.)
Use this sample article to alert local publications or your organization's newsletter about your American Education Week celebration. You may send it through the mail by printing out a hard copy or send it via e-mail as an electronic file. You can also adapt the article by including details about your event or activity.

Sample Proclamation Request Letters
Use our sample letters to encourage your local official to issue an American Education Week proclamation. Be sure to include the sample proclamation template(s) below with your letter.

Sample Proclamations

AEW Certificates
Customize these certificates to honor an individual's participation in American Education Week and their dedication and commitment to making public schools great for every child.

Education Support Professionals Day


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