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NEA applauds Sen. Obama for outstanding vice presidential selection

Sen. Joe Biden is a true champion for children and public education

DENVER - August 23, 2008 -

“After eight disastrous years of the Bush administration’s failed education policies, Sen. Barack Obama’s selection of Sen. Biden as his vice presidential running mate signals a true change in the way the federal government will support the children and educators of this nation,” said Weaver.  “An Obama-Biden ticket will staunchly support public schools, lead to a stronger economy and a stronger, more secure nation.  This team will lead us to a Democratic victory in November.”

The nearly 10,000 delegates who attended the 2008 NEA Representative Assembly in July voted to recommend Sen. Obama in the U.S. presidential election.

Sen. Biden has been a loyal supporter of college aid and loan programs. He was the creator of “Kids 2000,” a federal law designed to provide educational technology to low-income and at-risk youth. He believes the Bush administration’s failed No Child Left Behind law must be overhauled to provide incentives and support to troubled schools instead of labeling them as failures and eliminating their funding.

Sen. Biden also opposes giving limited public education tax dollars to private schools through political schemes like vouchers.

“Sen. Biden believes our first priority should be to fund our public schools,” said Weaver. “He knows that public schools are the key to our security—economically, militarily, and politically. And he has always been willing to stand up and be counted for children, public schools, and public school employees.”

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