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Dawn Naples


I’ve worked for 35 years as a counselor and English teacher at Southington High School in Southington, Connecticut.

I’ve been a local Association rep, vice president, and president, served on the state Women’s Leadership Cadre, and as vice chair of the CEA Retirement Commission.

How do you plan to spend retirement?
I want to stay active in the mission of public education. CEA-Retired has had a strong voice before our state legislature, and I’d like to serve as a lobbyist. I’m also interested in membership recruitment, because the larger our Retired Association grows, the more effective it becomes.

 NEA-Retired knows how to put our talents to work in ways that improve our schools. Truthfully, I’m happy to work wherever they can use me. But retirement won’t be all work. My dream is to go to the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia. I love to watch golf, and I might even take it up eventually.

Betty Girouard

I was a fifth-grade teacher and middle school state social studies teacher for 33 years in Kaplan, Louisiana. As an active member, I was a local Association president, served on the state board of directors and was vice president of LAE, and was a collective bargaining trainer for NEA. I’m currently president of LAE-Retired.

What’s best about retirement?
First, it gave me time, working with eight other retired teachers, to reopen a museum devoted to the history of Kaplan, Louisiana. After being closed for five years, we’ve had it back up and running and growing for three.

This year, we’ll host a traveling Smithsonian exhibit. Also, our state Retired Association is just a year and a half old, and it’s been great to play a part in helping us grow to more than 550 members. We’re still developing the programs we want, but we have big plans for LAE-Retired.

Arleen Yoshimura

I taught for 10 years at my alma mater, Hilo High School, in Hilo, Hawaii, and I taught business at Waiakea High, where I started a business-education partnership program. I currently serve on the HSTA-Retired board and the Hawaii District Council.

I’ve been a delegate to NEA-Retired regional conferences and attended the Representative Assembly.

How do you spend your time in retirement?
I retired from teaching in 1995 at the age of 48, but still have my hand in education boards and associations, while also working as a real estate agent. I spend a lot of my time encouraging active teachers to join NEA Pre-Retired—it is one of the best investments they can make.

 I am involved with the Hawaii State Pre-Retirement Cadre, a committee of retired teachers from various islands dedicated to helping active teachers prepare for retirement.

There are so many rewards to being a “lifelong teacher” that I feel like the richest person on earth.

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