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NEA Joins Smart Television Alliance

Children's Programming Coalition Helps Parents Take Control of Family Viewing

NEA has joined forces with TiVo, National PTA, YWCA, Parents Choice Foundation, and other community groups in creating the Smart Television Alliance, a coalition devoted to promoting information about, and access to, quality children's television.

NEA President Reg Weaver says, "We have long been concerned about the impact of television, particularly violent television, on children. Studies show that the average child spends about 900 hours in the classroom during the course of a school year, but 1,023 hours in front of a television. Think about the level of violence to which they are frequently exposed. Thousands of studies have been conducted on children's television and violence, and according to a majority, kids who watch violent programming are more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior. We are seeing all too often that aggressive behavior in how it hurts other students as well."

The group's Web site offers parental tips and programming recommendations to millions of subscribers to TiVo's digital video recording technology and anyone with Internet access. Expert recommendations and tips from organizations like NEA make it easier for parents to choose shows that are best for their families.

 For more information, visit the Smart Television Alliance website.