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NEA Policy Paper - Great Public Schools for Every Student by 2020

NEA called upon federal policymakers to support a nationwide effort to make every public school great by embracing a new federal role for K-12 education, strongly focusing on equity and state collaboration. NEA also called for establishing a goal that every student will have the opportunity to attend great public schools by 2020. The call comes after more than 6 years of living with the fundamentally flawed federal education law, No Child Left Behind.

In its new policy paper, Great Public Schools for Every Student by 2020: Achieving A New Balance in the Federal Role to Transform America's Public Schools, NEA proposes a "new balance" in the partnership among federal, state, and local leaders. This federal-state-local partnership recognizes that schools, districts, and states are the primary engines of public school transformation. The pace of transformation - creating great public schools that assure every student success - can be accelerated by well-designed federal policies. NEA is making a long-term commitment to supporting school transformation and calls upon federal policy makers, as well as leaders at every level of government, to realize the goal.

NEA unveiled Great Public Schools for Every Student by 2020 on the eve of its Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly, which will bring nearly 10,000 delegates to Washington, D.C.

NEA Great Public Schools for Every Student by 2020 ( PDF, 64 pp)

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