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NEA Resources on Reading

Strategies, activities, tips and reports for parents, teachers, and children.

Reading Tips - NEA has a collection of reading tips for parents of children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. 

Reading Activities for Everyone - Parents can find additional guidance and resources in NEA's Read Across America Web area.

Report of the NEA Task Force on Reading 2000 ( PDF, 76 KB, 30pp) 
Overview - Includes the 10 key elements the Task Force agreed should comprise a "complete" reading program.

12 Strategies for Teaching Reading - NEA compiled a set of proven strategies from a variety of respected sources to help classroom teachers improve reading instruction.

Ten Proven Principles for Teaching Reading ( PDF, 271 KB, 20pp) - Addresses teachers, who are the key to ensuring that each child enters the pathway to becoming a literate adult. It presents principles and ideas that are interrelated and that build one upon the other. These ideas, which are being used in many classrooms, are based on solid research findings and practical experience.