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Who Sets Policy

NEA members nationwide set Association policy, most notably through an annual Representative Assembly (RA) that convenes an Annual Meeting every July. NEA members at the state and local level elect the more than 9,000 RA delegates who, in turn, elect NEA's top officers, debate issues, and set NEA policy. Between Annual Meetings, the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are NEA's top decision-making bodies. 

NEA's president is Dennis Van Roekel, a 23-year teaching veteran and longtime activist and advocate for children and public education. Lily Eskelsen is NEA's vice president, and Rebecca Pringle is secretary-treasurer. John Wilson is NEA's executive director.

The NEA Handbook, published annually for use by Association officers, national and state staff, members, and other interested leaders in the field of education, provides background, program, policy and contact information on the Association.