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Affordable Prescription Drugs

NEA supports legislation that would allow American consumers to take advantage of the global marketplace to purchase affordable prescription drugs.

  • Current federal law prohibits consumers from taking advantage of the global marketplace to purchase affordable prescription drugs.
  • American consumers are charged the highest prices in the world for the same medicines that are available in other major industrialized nations at a fraction of the cost. A prescription drug that costs $1 in the United States costs only 62 cents in Canada, 65 cents in Germany, 69 cents in Great Britain, 55 cents in France and 52 cents in Italy.
  • Millions of seniors and individuals with disabilities, many of them retired educators living on fixed incomes, face escalating medication costs and too often must pay for medication at the expense of food or other necessities.
  • NEA supports legislation to help address this unacceptable situation by allowing pharmacies, drug wholesalers and consumers to import FDA-approved medicines from Canada and other industrialized nations.
  • Under such legislation, consumers would be permitted to purchase up to a 90-day supply of medicine for their personal use or the personal use of a family member.
  • The bill would protect consumer safety by requiring frequent FDA inspections of importers and exporters and verification of the chain of custody of each prescription drug imported.