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English Language Learners (ELLs)

Li'l Language Learners
'Head, shoulders, rodillas y dedos del pie'

Acclimation Station
How do you help immigrant students transition to life in American schools? Enter the newcomer center—now being used to help Asian Pacific Islander students in Hawaii.

Almost From Scratch
For some refugee students Somalia, their arrival in a Minneapolis classroom isn’t just their first time in a U.S. school. It’s their first time in any school

The Best of Both Worlds
Bilingual education teaches respect, confidence, and language skills

Something to Talk About
English-only laws are restricting more than just what's being said.

NEA Members Refuse to Let Language Be A Barrier
According to the U.S. Department of Education, children enrolled in our schools bring with them more than 425 first languages. We talked to ELL specialists, who offer strategies and tips for reaching English learners

Beyond Practice and Drill
Check out these easy, high-tech ways to help students master the English language.

Bilingual and ELL Resources
Check out our compilation that includes articles and curriculum resources.

ELL Resources from other organizations

Spanish Translations for Education Terms
Washington's Center for the Improvement of Student Learning, in partnership with the Migrant and Bilingual Education Program at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, has released an in-depth English/Spanish glossary of education terms from around the state.

This valuable resource for educators and parents will help alleviate confusion when translating or reading education documents.

Teaching Mathematics and Science to English Language Learners:
It's Just Good Teaching

This publication from the Northwest Regional Laboratory focuses on the diverse needs of students in inclusive classrooms. It looks at social and academic languages as well as home languages.