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Articles & Multimedia on Professional Pay


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    In nine Washington State locals, ESPs are lighting the way to decent pay.
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    What educators need to know about linking teacher pay to student achievement.

Alternative Compensation Models And Our Members
Voices From the Field: Stories from Seven Districts

Privateers Out, Association Members In
A New Jersey district learns that privatization just doesn’t pay.

2...4...6...8...How Should We Compensate?
Shouldn’t you get paid more for new skills and new responsibilities?

A Question of Priorities
In Beverly Hills, special education aides could use more hours.

NEA Steps Up Pressure on Excise Tax
With the U.S. Senate hunkered down in intense negotiations over its version of health insurance overhaul, the National Education Association is joining other labor organizations in ratcheting up the campaign against one of the bill’s key financing provisions: the excise tax on higher cost health plans.

Examining Merit Pay  
It’s one of education’s burning hot issues: pay-for-performance, and it's becoming one of the determining factors in whether you are judged a success or flat-out failure.

Union Busting: Walking the Line
It sounds like something out of  The Sopranos - the intimidator who comes to your workplace and throws his weight around. But its no fiction.

Salary Hikes and Saving Cafeteria Jobs
Teachers and paraprofessionals with the Williamstown Education Association in Massachusetts are working under new contracts. The teachers’ three-year contract provides a 2.5-percent salary increase this school year and a 3-percent raise in 2010-11, but they must now pay 5 percent more for health insurance premiums.

School Funding: Follow the Money
How tax deals for business short schools—and what you can do about it.


Cooking Up a Campaign
Inspired by their peers, Washington ESPs fight for living wages.

Why They Leave
Sometimes today's schools feel more like a Dilbert cartoon than places of learning. But educators aren't laughing. Lack of funding, disrespect, and NCLB are driving many to leave the profession. What can we do to get them to stay?

Where is Your Pay Plan Heading?
If your salary system isn't facing change, it soon will be.

My Debt, My Life
Whether 23 or 50, NEA members are struggling under the crushing weight of student loan debt. See how it's hurting them and you—even if your college tuition bills were paid long ago.

Solidarity and Teacher/ESP Pay: It Makes a Difference
You're about to walk from wall to wall in Westminster, Colorado, and the larger Adams County School District 50, just north of Denver. School floors may be bare, but educator unity blankets the place like a broadloom. This tour is about solidarity and salaries.

Moving Money Where Teachers Are Not
An NEA local affiliate moves teachers back to college to sharpen their skills. All it took was smart salary bargaining, community outreach, and political action.

Holding the Line for "40K" in the Old Line State
As of the 2008-2009 school year, all of Maryland's 24 school districts will start new fully certified teachers at a salary of $40,000 or more.

Professional Pay: It's the Pennsylvania Priority
It's one thing to set starting salary targets of $40,000 for every teacher and a living wage for every ESP, initial goals of NEA's national Salary Campaign. But how can a state affiliate reach those goals?


VIDEO: ESPs Fight for a Living Wage


Why Money Matters

Why Money Matters
Lack of professional pay shortchanges our schools.