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Financing Higher Education

Headline News Archive

Listed are news articles on the funding crisis in higher education.

"Interest Rates on Federal Student Loans to Reach Record Low”
While tuition continues to rise at record rates at many public colleges and universities, July 1 will bring record low interest rates on federal student loans.
Source:The Daily Californian, June 3, 2003

"A Threat to Quality of Higher Education"
This op/ed article examines a proposal to cut federal financial aid to institutions that increase tuition higher than the rate of inflation for two consecutive years.
Source:The Baltimore Sun, June 2, 2003

"Universities Endure Overenrollment"
In the midst of funding cuts to higher education, Washington's two- and four-year colleges and universities struggle to meet current and projected overenrollment.
Source: The Western Front, June 3, 2003

"State budget overcomes late snag"
Agreements to lift the tuition cap helped to finalize the state budget in Texas.
Source: Houston Chronicle, May 26, 2003

"Chico State avoids faculty 'layoffs' but teachers are losing jobs"
This CSU campus responds to budget cuts by not renewing part-time faculty contracts, hence class sizes are expect to be larger this fall.
Source: Oroville Mercury-Register, May 20, 2003

"BOT tries to work around the Legislature's special session"
The Board of Trustees takes action to approve a 12.5 percent increase in tuition at the University of South Florida.
Source: The Oracle, May 19, 2003

"WSU selling off land in budget crunch"
Facing budget cuts, Washington State University hopes to ease the pinch of a tight economy by selling land.
Source: Seattle Times, May 19, 2003

"Citizens Concerned About Deep UW Cuts, Not About Tuition Boost"
A survey conducted by the University of Wisconsin Survey Center indicates public support for the proposed tuition hike.
Source: Wisconsin State Journal, May 19, 2003

"Hands off higher ed, lawmakers have learned"
Lawmakers in Washington state are unlikely to cut higher education.
Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 12, 2003

"Hardesty warns first cut may not be the deepest"
West Virginia University President, Dave Hardesty warns policy makers to be cautious about making cuts that will affect all higher education institutions in West Virginia.
Source: The Dominion Post, May 9, 2003

"University chiefs decry budget cuts in cross-state trip"
Leaders of five of Florida's largest state colleges and universities foresee programs being scaled back as a larger freshmen class enters this fall.
Source: The Miami Herald, May 9, 2003

"Public Colleges Try to Show Their Value to States..."
Source: Chronicle Of Higher Education, May 9, 2003

"Bond sale is canceled for UMass"
Source: The Boston Globe, May 6, 2003

"State Shortfalls Projected Throughout The Decade"
Source: National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

NEA Affiliates Fight State Budget Cuts
The Advocate reports on Massachusetts and California state affiliates doing battle over their state's plans to cut higher education funding.