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Millennials, Boomers Square off on the Dance Floor

Old School Did the Schoolin’

NEA Student Program Chair Jermaine Coleman and his Student Program crew may have had that Boom Boom Pow, but they couldn't overtake the rousing renditions of the Hokey Pokey, Macarena, and the Chicken Dance brought by NEA President Dennis Van Roekel, NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen, and NEA Secretary-Treasurer Rebecca Pringle.

That's right. NEA Student Program members and NEA Execs faced off on the dance floor Friday night June 26, during the Student Conference banquet. The Millennials sent up a thrill when they took the stage in matching white jumpsuits and masks. But there was clear crowd support for the Boomers too, in their psychedelic print hats and oversized peace sign medallions.

Maybe it was the moves, or maybe it was Van Roekel's purple-lensed granny glasses that gave them the edge. When it came time for the crowd to vote by making some noise, the Old School won, but hugs and handshakes among the competitors made it clear there's no generational warfare here. Maybe the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about.