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Message from NEA President Dennis Van Roekel

Celebrate World Teachers' Day on October 5

World Teachers Day gives all of us the opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary work teachers do every day in classrooms around the world. In these difficult times, it is especially critical to spotlight their pivotal role. Demands on our teachers are greater than ever. The vital goal of a quality education for all in large part depends on them, so it is essential that we work to provide teachers and schools the resources they need to provide a quality education for every child.

The global economic slowdown has shackled education budgets. It is now more important than ever for all of us - individuals, communities, unions, schools and governments - to step up and protect and enrich the teaching profession. It is critical that governments support the recruitment, training and professional development of teachers with sustained and robust investment because quality education is key to the long-term economic health of any nation.

But new funding alone isn’t enough. We need new strategies – such as dismantling the culture of high stakes testing – that will unleash the power and creativity of all teachers.

The voices of teachers must be heard throughout the world. It is essential that we all work together. I urge you to get on board now to ensure that the whole world knows October 5th is World Teachers' Day!

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel

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Celebrate World Teachers' Day

On the Education International/UNESCO World Teachers' Day website, you are invited to make full use of interactive features for your celebrations:

Download posters produced by EI and UNESCO. The main poster is available in 7 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian and Chinese) while there are 5 regional variations of the posters that you can choose from!

Send Electronic Greeting Cards: Is there a special teacher that you'd like to pay tribute to? Do so by sending her/him a World Teachers' Day greeting card!

Twitter: If you tag your World Teachers' Day tweets with #wtd2009, your tweets will appear on the World Teachers' Day website! To know more about Twitter, please visit:

Flickr: You're able to upload photos of your events onto our World Teachers' Day photostream on Flickr. To know more about Flickr, please visit EI’s photostream.