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Member Profiles

Ralph Booher, Jr.

I taught social studies for 38 years in Washington County, Virginia. I served nine years on the Virginia Education Association’s Board of Directors, and six on the NEA Board. I am currently Retired Member-at-Large on the VEA Board.
Why are you active in NEA-Retired?
I’ve benefitted from the hard work of people who came before me, and I want to give back. I’m retired, but I really haven’t quit. I stay involved with my retired Association and this year I’ve had the chance to play teacher again—as an adjunct U.S. history professor at Virginia Highlands Community College.


Gladys Reed

I was an elementary school teacher in Palm Beach, Florida, for 37 years, and served as an area representative for the Classroom Teachers Association.

Why did you join NEA-Retired?
I want the things that I have worked hard for to continue, such as decent pay for teachers. I also enjoy keeping politically active, so I am a member of my local retired group, and I am involved with the CTA’s Martin Luther King Coordinating Committee, a board I started 30 years ago as a teacher. I am particularly active with the Achiever Scholarship program the committee operates. In my down time, I enjoy water aerobics and fishing.


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