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Member Profiles

Morris P. Fair, Sr.


Over 39 years, I taught middle and high school business and was an assistant middle school principal for four years. Now
I’m president of the Retired Teachers’ Association for Jackson-Madison County. 

What keeps you inspired in retirement?
Every week, I return to the middle school where I served as assistant principal to mentor students in an after school program called “Talks My Father Never Had with Me.” In Talks, I meet with my protégés to discuss topics ranging from how to have self-discipline to how to give a proper handshake. I teach leadership skills that will help these students be motivators and role models.

Esther Robinowitz


I taught social science and U.S. history to gifted middle school students in Los Angeles for 27 years. I was also a member of the California Teachers Association State Council for 19 years, and Chair of the NEA Jewish Affairs Caucus for seven years.

How do you stay active in education?
I joined NEA-Retired immediately after I retired. In addition to working on my local Retired steering committee, I also represent my chapter in the House of Representatives for the United Teachers of Los Angeles. My involvement with NEA-Retired keeps me current on education, as well as my retirement health benefits.