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Federal Legislative Update August 2010

August 10, 2010
August 5, 2010


News from Capitol Hill. . .


On August 10, the House passed the education jobs/FMAP bill by a vote of 247-161. See how your Representative voted on this critical vote and how your Senators voted last week. Reports indicate the President could sign the bill as early as this evening! New figures from the U.S.Department of Education estimate that some 161,000 educators who had received pink slips will be heading back to school this fall as a result of this win.

Thank your Representative and Senators who supported the bill and express your disappointment to those who did not.

See how many jobs will be saved in your state.

This victory could not have been achieved without the help of activists around the country. Together, you sent over 300,000 e-mails and made over 100,000 phone calls to Congress.

Thank you!!

News from Capitol Hill. . .

You did it!
  The Senate has passed legislation to save over 138,000 education jobs!  On August 5, the Senate passed the bill by a vote of 61-39.  This victory for educators, students, and our nation was a direct result of your calls, letters, e-mails and personal visits to Senators.  Thank you for your incredible efforts!

See how your Senator voted on this important bill.

Thank Senators who voted yes, and express your disappointment to those who voted against saving education jobs.

We are in the final stretch now.  The House of Representatives will return to Washington, DC for a special session to vote on the Senate-passed bill.  The vote is scheduled for Tuesday, August 10.  The House has already passed an education jobs bill, but because the Senate bill uses different "offsets" to pay for the jobs fund, the House must now pass it. 

Urge your House members to pass this urgent legislation.