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Be Heard on Social Security!

If you take action in November, your bottom line will thank you.

By Cynthia McCabe

This month, you can directly affect the outcome of national policy that determines whether you will get retirement money you earned during your teaching career.

On December 1, the bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform will release recommendations that could have a far-reaching impact on your retirement. The group must identify steps that could improve the fiscal health of the nation. But a rush to cut Social Security in the short term without hearing from educators like you could mean long-term problems.

NEA is stressing to the commission that it must protect our nation’s most important retirement and anti-poverty program. It’s also pressing for the repeal of the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision, which reduce earned benefits to public servants.

Here are specific steps NEA leaders, lobbyists, and staff are taking to protect Social Security:

  • NEA created a staff task force to monitor the commission. In July, task force members met with the commission director to share NEA members’ Social Security priorities. NEA also testified before the commission and submitted written testimony. 
  • NEA joined Social Security Works and its related Strengthen Social Security Coalition, a group of more than 60 organizations representing 30 million members dedicated to strengthening Social Security.

NEA’s efforts are already paying dividends. A group of U.S House members wrote to President Obama this summer opposing Social Security cuts. Now here’s what you can do:

  • Visit NEA’s Legislative Action Center at to contact commission members and urge them to repeal GPO/WEP and protect and strengthen Social Security.
  • While you’re at the Legislative Action Center, urge your representative to support the Giffords House Resolution and the Brown Senate Resolution, which seek to protect Social Security.
  • Sign the Strengthen Social Security Coalition petition to the Commission at

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