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Failure to Report

By Cynthia McCabe

It was supposed to be the report heard ’round the retired world: a set of recommendations from a bipartisan fiscal commission seeking to reduce the federal deficit that could have had far-reaching impact on the retirement of educators and other public servants.

But in early December the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform failed to move forward with the report. Had it passed, it would have gone directly to Congress for approval. Contained in the report were potentially devastating cuts to Social Security that would have adversely affected the retirement savings that NEA members earned throughout their careers.

With the newly elected Congress settling in in Washington now, the need to remind elected representatives of their obligation to retired public servants grows no less important. Elected officials must understand the importance of not cutting hard-earned benefits under the Social Security program.

“Social Security is a successful program that honors American values—hard work should lead to secure retirement,” said Kim Anderson, NEA’s Government Relations director.

Visit NEA’s Legislative Action Center and keep abreast of the threats to retirement savings and see how NEA is fighting them. Be sure you know where your members of Congress stand on the issues.


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Penalties for Public Service

Penalties for Public Service
See for yourself how unfair laws threaten the retirement security of educators. Women are disproportionately impacted. Tell Congress to support the Social Security Fairness Act and repeal laws that discourage qualified educators from the profession.