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2012 Call for Papers

“The Value of an Open Door”


The Thought & Action Review Panel invites submissions for “The Value of an Open Door,” a Special Focus section in the 2012 edition of Thought & Action, the higher education Journal of the National Education Association.

We encourage responses to the current attacks on public colleges and universities, and such manifestations of attack as slashed state budgets, rising student tuition and fees, and cut programs. Consider: Are we fulfilling the nation's implicit promise to deliver a high-quality higher education to all who qualify, regardless of race, gender, or income?

Is the DREAM Act an answer? Is the G.I. Bill working? Can online education open doors or close them? Is the abolition of affirmative action admission policies a fait accompli? Consider also the relationship between instructor and student. Is your office door open? Should it be?

We are particularly concerned with the erosion of the rights of adjunct faculty.

We are especially interested in the solutions provided by unionism.

Thought & Action, with a readership of more than 150,000, seeks to provide readers with theoretical and practical information on issues in higher education that are important to higher education faculty and staff members of the National Education Association.

Before submitting, please view our guidelines on length, style, tone, and process.

Please send submissions to the address below by March 1, 2012.

Mary Ellen Flannery, Editor
NEA Higher Education Publications
1201 16th St., N.W.
Washington D.C.
Phone: 202-822-7913