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Human and Civil Rights

Human and Civil Rights

Advocacy in Action

NEA Human and Civil Rights understands that education advocacy and social justice advocacy go hand in hand, and that an increasingly diverse kaleidoscope of students and educators must feel welcome in our public schools.

NEA Interview with Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr., Educator, Leadership Development Maestro, and Voter Registration Expert

Dr. Juan Andrade is the president of the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) and a legend in the Hispanic community. Under his leadership, USHLI has registered 2.2 million voters, trained 750,000 present and future leaders, and awarded more than $1.3 million in scholarships and internships. USHLI sponsors the largest Latino leadership conference in the nation. See interview.



Timely Training for Missouri Educators

Two days before the first anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting that sparked the beginnings of a national movement, NEA sent a team to deliver cultural competence and diversity training to 200 elementary school educators in Riverview Garden School district, which borders Ferguson, Missouri. Mindful of the anniversary and growing need for anti-bias resources, educators called the training timely. Born of a partnership between Missouri NEA and the school district, training sessions will be provided to middle and high school teachers later this year.

• For parents and educators seeking practical guidance on discussing issues of race with young children, see Teaching for Change resources.



Schools in Transition: A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools is a roadmap for educators and parents on providing safe and supportive environments for all transgender students. This unique resource has been hailed as a lifesaver at a time when schools are increasingly called upon to include and uphold transgender students. A joint publication of the National Education Association and partner organizations, the guide proves practical advice, field tested tips, and narratives of real experiences from students and educators.

The Case for Multicultural Education

The National Association for Multicultural Education is gearing up for an annual conference that will be the first since America’s schools reached a demographic milestone, when students of color became the majority in the nation’s schools. Co-sponsored by NEA, the back-to-school conference will cover topics ranging from school discipline and the school-to-prison pipeline to the education of English Language Learners and the rights of LGBTQ students—among many others.
• Register and read more about NAME’s October conference, in New Orleans, Louisiana.



Freeing School from the School-to-Prison Pipeline


NEA’s new digital magazine, Freeing School from the School-to-Prison Pipeline, share educators’ voices on positive discipline strategies to keep more students in the classroom and out of the courtroom. Hear from students and educators about creative ways schools and districts can take action. See the magazine.






Put Your Values to Work

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