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NCESP NEA Representative Assembly Announcements

The 2016 NEA Representative Assembly (RA) will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, July 4 – July 7 in Washington, DC. 

During the RA, NCESP will hold one General Membership Meeting and one informational meeting. For your convenience, meeting times and locations have been listed below. 

Please be advised:  In order to vote, you must join or renew your NCESP  membership by the start of the meeting on July 2nd.  The meeting will start on time, so please arrive early if you need to renew your membership.

Washington Convention Center
Saturday, July 2, 2016 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Room: West Salon 1

Washington Convention Center
Tuesday, July 5, 2016 during the RA lunch break
Room: TBA


Open Positions (3 year terms each) with candidate names and statements:

The following statements were submitted by candidates for NCESP office. The statements of Veronica Henderson and Kathleen Meltsakos inadvertently were left off the original posting.

Please note: According to the NCESP Constitution and Bylaws, you must be an active NCESP member at the 3:30 pm start of the meeting. Please arrive early to check your membership status and join or renew before 3:30pm in order to vote.


Debby Chandler, Washington
I am currently the President of NCESP. I am seeking re-election as your President. I am an Attendance Secretary and Parent Community Specialist at Rogers High School in Spokane Washington. I have been involved with NCESP for about 10 years as the Pacific Regional Director, Secretary and Vice President. I am passionate, hard-working, and will stop at nothing when it comes to advocating for ESP. I believe so strongly in NCESP and the incredible work we do advocating for our members throughout the NEA and working for our students. We have made great strides this year and I look forwarded to our continued work together as the great team we are! I have been honored to be your President and would appreciate your support.

Frank Deas Green, Missouri
Members: My name is Frank Green, and I’m running for NCESP President – a position of great respect and responsibility. For years, I’ve made numerous decisions on the local and state level. Now I’m ready to employ my training and experience as I seek new challenges in my association career. We must be advocates for our children, and the professionals who service them. Personally and professionally, I can’t think of a better way to spend the next three years! Please allow me this great opportunity to serve our members. By making intelligent, well-informed decisions, I have total confidence that you will do what you do best –– vote for me July 2nd, at the National RA. Thank you for your support.


Vickie Jacquet, Louisiana
Hi, I’m Vickie Jacquet, I would like to be your next NCESP Vice President. We are in a time where it is critical to elect a leader with passion, vision, and integrity. As your Vice President I will dedicate myself to continue making NCESP a strong and important Council. Together, we will continue to advocate for training, mentoring, and empowerment for ESPs. As Vice President I will echo the voice of ESPs throughout the nation. In closing, it has been an honor and pleasure to serve as southeast regional Director for the past 10 years, but I feel the time and opportunity has come for me to move up in this Council. Thank you in advance for your support!!! Please for Vickie Jacquet; NCESP Vice President.

Doris Jared, Oregon
Hello, I am Doris Jared, a 2013 NEA LFT graduate. I am running for Vice President of NCESP. I am the Chair -- OCESP, Vice President of my local and OEA State Board Director. It is very important to stand up for all ESP on the local, state and national level. I was able to bring forth a Policy Amendment at OEA RA that was passed giving more funding to help with mileage to events. I am gathering signatures for the Better Oregon Campaign; this will be on the November Ballot to obtain more funding by making corporations pay their fair share in taxes. I have helped fight off privatization in the transportation department where I have driven for 0 years. Thank you for your support.


Lois Yukna, New Jersey
Activism, training and leadership experience for twenty years has prepared me to seek re-election as the NCESP Secretary. Across all levels, my stewardship has focused on membership, mentoring, anti-privatization and organizing as critical aspects of advocacy. I have the opportunity to liaise across all levels, to build strong alliances and to effect working relationships. Communication of achievements and issues is critical to effect change and guarantee success. I pledge to continue to seek opportunities, to advocate for our members, to promote our agenda, to address concerns and issues and to effectively implement resolutions. We can manage our association to the end… or re-create it for the future. I ask for your vote to re-elect Lois Yukna to the position of NCESP Secretary.


Lakilia Bedeau, Kentucky
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” M. Gandhi In the association I am making sure ESPs have the opportunity to gain and improve the knowledge and skills needed to be effective in their careers. I understand the power of connections; therefore I will make sure we have a seat at the table to ensure the voices of ESPs are heard. As the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director I will continue bringing the concerns of others to the table especially those who may be afraid to give their opinion or who simply don’t have the confidence to Speak Up and Speak Out. I would be honored to have the opportunity to continue serving ESPs across the country.

Veronica Henderson, Maryland
My name is Veronica Henderson and I am asking for your support of my candidacy for the NCESP Mid-Atlantic Regional Director. I have served on the boards of my local (ESPBC), state (MSEA) and national (NEA) associations, and am a recognized local, state, and national trainer. I network with our members to make sure we, as Education Support Professionals are not forgotten in the education arena. Privatization and earning a living wage that allows us to utilize our negotiated benefits is of utmost importance to me. I am a “voice for the voiceless” and a staunch advocate for members’ rights. A review of my association activities demonstrates that I have a solid foundation of what serving as a regional director entails. Thank you.


Carmen Hill, Missouri
My name is Carmen K. Hill and I am asking you to consider me for the Midwest Regional Director. I have served for the past nine months in an interim position. I am a committed, hardworking and dedicated member of my Missouri Association. I have served on many committees over the years. My state president has entrusted me with many tasks and all have been successful. I am a PROUD ESP. I have been a school nurse for 22 years. I was featured in the 1st NEA DigiBook because of my love for children. I believe in taking care of all needs of the student. I collaborate with care partners to service my children at school. By any means necessary I get the job done.

Mary Ann Rivera, Illinois
My name is Mary Ann Rivera and I am a proud member of the National Council for Education Support Professionals (NCESP). As a member of the council it has helped me be another voice for ESPs not only in my state but nationwide. I believe that as the Midwest Regional Director I will have the opportunity to help our members become more engaged and informed with the NCESP and the resources it has to offer. I also believe that this position will allow me to showcase the amazing work that ESPs are doing with their students and in their communities. It would be an honor to serve the council and its members as the Midwest Regional Director. Thank you.


Kathleen Meltsakos, Massachusetts
I am Kathy (Kathleen) Meltsakos and I’m running for the Northeast Regional Director in NCESP. I believe in NCESP, we can be the forefront of NEA for all ESPs, but we need to promote ourselves. I’ve been the Communications Specialist for my local for several years and helped set up our website. I will bring these skills, along with my high energy to NCESP. I’m also a graduate of LFT 2011 and currently on the Executive Committee for MTA. We’ve grown, but there’s so many more ESPs out there that know nothing about this great council and all the wonderful, sometimes life changing things NCESP had brought to ESPs. Thank you for reading this and I DO thank you for your vote in July!


Mary Parrish, Alaska
I Mary Parrish am running for the NCESP Pacific Regional Director. I currently serve as the interim Director. I am also actively involved at both the state and local level. I currently sit on the NEA Alaska State Board of Directors, the NEA Alaska Executive Committee, and I serve on my local board, the Classified Employees Association as an Executive member. As a member of the NEA Alaska ESP committee, I have helped many of our members attend DA, RA and the NEA ESP conference where I have been a participant and a presenter at the conferences. I would like to continue strengthening our unions together and that starts with your vote, and allowing me to continuing severing as the NCESP Pacific Regional Director.


Felecia Hampshire, Florida
No statement.