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Sara Ferguson: I Represented All Teachers

Chester Upland School District, outside of Philadelphia, was brought to the brink of financial disaster earlier this year, when draconian state budget cuts left it unable to make payroll for its teachers, support professionals and administrators.

At an early January meeting, members of the Chester Upland Education Association and the Chester Upland Education Support Personnel Association passed a resolution promising to stay on the job – even without pay – as long as they were individually able.

Sara Ferguson, a 20-year literacy and math teacher at Chester Upland, has helped draw national attention to the school district's plight and the unwavering commitment of the teachers and support staff to students.

Ferguson attended President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address. She also appeared on The Ellen Show on Feb. 2 to discuss the district’s plight.

Watch Ferguson below, and read her HuffingtonPost column on how she represents educators everywhere who are committed to their students and and are dedicated to their success.

Ferguson on The Ellen Show:

Ferguson on the Ed Shultz Show:

CBS also featured Sara and her passion for her students:

Educators praise Sara's selection and her dedication:


Sara Ferguson, a teacher from Chester Upland School District, attended President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address.

Read Sara Ferguson's bio here.

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