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The 2014 Thought & Action Call for Papers

The Thought & Action Review Panel invites submissions for "The Business of Education," a special focus section.

As private interests increasingly penetrate public spaces, as the conversation around “higher ed reform” more often excludes students, staff, and faculty, and as  so many reformers seek to corporatize the common good and make education their business, we invite responses that map out strategies for collective action to benefit our students and our nation, that follow the big money of small-minded reform, that empower our contingent colleagues, and that show us how to reclaim the “public” in public education.

Consider the following questions: When is a public college or university no longer public at all? What does it mean to you and your union colleagues to do the “business of education?” How does the academy inform and benefit the corporate world—and not the other way around? What empowers faculty members, of all ranks, to work together to confront administrative abuses? And most importantly, how can we all, as union members, organize for the public good?

New scholars and voices are very welcome, as are poets and visual artists. Please understand the panel prefers short to long, and encourages a “reader-friendly” tone. All submissions will be entered into the competition for three $2,500 “Excellence in the Academy” awards. 

Please note the deadline for submissions: March 1, 2014.

Additional resources:

Guidelines on submission

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