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NEA President Dennis Van Roekel and NEA–Retired President Tom Curran

You Spoke. We Listened!

If you’ve been an NEA–Retired member for a while, then you’ve already noticed that this issue of our magazine for retired NEA members is quite different. That’s because we’ve redesigned our magazine with today’s retired educator in mind.

The changes you will see are the result of feedback we received from NEA–Retired members about the articles you want to read in your magazine. An overwhelming majority of respondents said they read every issue of This Active Life, and they have a strong interest in receiving more original NEA Today content.

We are proud to say that NEA Today for NEA–Retired Members contains nearly double the content of This Active Life. Our new magazine also features more of the engaging and informative articles that are found in NEA Today, plus added content that’s specifically targeted to our retired educators.

Starting with this issue, NEA Today for NEA–Retired Members will deliver quarterly, just like NEA Today. This allows us to provide timely NEA Today content, and use NEA members’ dues wisely.

NEA–Retired members also have access to our new digital issues of NEA Today for tablets and iPads. To download, visit Tablet editions of NEA Today for NEA–Retired Members will come soon.

Appropriately, our inaugural issue focuses on change and progress. In May of 1954, Supreme Court overturned legally segregated public schools in Brown v. Board of Education. But how much has changed since then? Are we truly embracing the ideals of equality that were the essence of the civil rights struggle?

Our cover story, “Still Separate, Still Unequal?” tackles these questions while showing us that many schools across the country are hampered by issues of poverty and inequality that are becoming a troubling pattern of resegregation.
In “The Next Generation,” you’ll read profiles of six young activists who are doing their part to make a meaningful difference in their communities.

We hope you enjoy every page of our new publication. We’re very excited about the changes. We hope that you’ll be excited, too!



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