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Get digital access to the NEA family of publications all in one location.  From NEA Today, which features the latest in K-12 education trends, opinions and news, to our peer-reviewed journal, Thought & Action, which explores higher education issues, to all sorts of publications in between, our new hub offers something for every education reader. Visit the Apple Store and download NEA Today to get unlimited access today!  Free for a limited time.

Each day, brings you the latest take on what’s happening in the world of education news. Learn more about NEA activism on key issues facing our members and read what those members have to say about the current events that affect them. Also, check out features about NEA educators in the news and our tips for the must read stories of the day.

NEA Today Magazine

The Association's flagship publication with a circulation of 2.7 million, explores today's toughest teaching challenges—and solutions. It's an important resource that NEA members look forward to receiving 4 times a year—Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
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NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members

NEA Today for NEA–Retired Members (formerly This Active Life) is a quarterly publication featuring a blend of articles from the Association’s flagship publication, NEA Today, and news and feature stories that are specifically targeted toward retired educators.
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NEA Today for Future Educators

NEAT FE is an annual magazine for NEA student members. It offers a wealth of resources to those new to the teaching profession. Each issue offers help with job searches, provides classroom tips for surviving the first year in the classroom, recommends strategies for parental and community outreach, and much more.
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Higher Education Advocate

Published six times per year in newsletter format. It highlights trends, legislation, resource material, and local, state, and national news in post-secondary education.

Thought & Action

NEA's higher educational journal is designed to provide faculty, staff, and students an enlightened balance between theory and practice on issues in higher education. Regular sections of the journal include commentaries, current book reviews, and letters to the editor. It is published once a year.

The NEA Almanac of Higher Education

The Almanac, published annually, provides NEA higher education members with current information on higher education employment conditions. The Almanac includes national salary data, and up-to-date information on faculty workload, the economic conditions in the states, the number of support personnel on the campuses and their levels of compensation, and trends in bargaining.