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Message from the NEA-Retired President

Our Activism Continues


As we look toward this still-new year, and brace ourselves for the actions of anti-public education candidates who were elected during last year’s midterm elections, we must continue our activism for students and schools.

The outcome of the 2014 midterm elections are likely to bring great harm to public education. Across the nation, our friends lost to individuals with poor track records when it comes to our teachers and students. But we can’t overlook the candidates who won key political battles across the country.

New Hampshire, Michigan, and Hawaii elected senators who support initiatives that will build public education up, not tear it down. Voters in Colorado and New Hampshire re-elected governors who put equitable education funding at the top of their priorities, and Pennsylvanians put Tom Wolf in the governor’s chair. He pledged to restore education funding severely cut by his opponent Gov. Tom Corbett.

In states where education policies were on ballots, voters overwhelmingly supported measures benefiting students and working families. In Missouri, voters quashed an amendment that would have tied teacher pay to student performance on high-stakes standardized tests. Washington state voters approved an initiative to curb the average class size, which averages about 30 students.

Still, the battle to protect public education continues, and it’s time for more retirees to report to the front lines—to lobby at the federal, state, and local levels; to support NEA’s PAC, the Fund for Children and Public Education more than ever; and to encourage others to join us. As we prepare for next year’s elections, protection of public education must be our top priority.

--Tom Curran


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