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NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members - Fall 2015

Cover Story

A More Perfect Union

Marcelia Nicholson is a member of Milwaukee Teachers Education Association. She is part of a new generation of teachers and education support professionals who are committed to social justice.

President’s Message

Tom Curran recounts his experience at last summer’s White House Conference on Aging, where attendees explored a variety of important topics, including the benefits of remaining active during retirement.

The Power of Story

StoryCorps—the nonprofit organization dedicated to the collection, preservation, and sharing of stories—to collaborate with NEA on “The Great Thanksgiving Listen.”

Active and Retired Affiliate Partnerships Make the Grade

When asked to grade the relationship between their Associations and the active affiliate in their states, NEA-Retired presidents from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Washington all said the relationship deserved an “A.” We tell you why..

Activism in Action

Retired educator Helen Bonsall of Coatesville, Pa., says it’s “important to continue to fight for candidates and issues that will improve education in our state and in our country.” That’s why she gives her all to electing education friendly candidates.


Author Gloria Nixon-John, a retired teacher, is passionate about social and political issues. Writing allows her to express her opinions.

My Contribution

Retired teacher Willie Dickerson helps to train volunteers who press elected leaders to take action on poverty, hunger, and health issues.

From NEA Today

Where are the Black Male Teachers?

Minority students have steadily become a majority in public schools, but government estimates indicate the number of teachers who look like them hasn’t kept pace.

Education Support Professionals
The Backbone of U.S. Public Schools

Saul Ramos says his chief goal while working with blind students is to help them become independent in every aspect of their lives; paraeducator Lynn Goss provides students with personalized instruction and intervention; computer and instructor Katherine Davis created a website that helps students learn.


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