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NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members - Summer 2015

Cover Story

Still Opening Doors

Lillian Orlich was recruited by Virginia’s Prince William County Public Schools in the 1950s—decades before today’s students were born. This year marks the 61st school year she will help students chart their path toward the future. Find out why she says retirement is definitely not for her.

NEA-Retired President’s Message

Although it may feel that way, it’s not too early to start thinking about which 2016 presidential candidate will help—not harm—public education.

A Grandparent’s Guidance

One million children live in a home where the grandparent is the householder and neither parent is present in the home. Read the stories of two NEA–Retired members who are part of this growing “kinship care” community, and learn why one member credits her grandchildren for helping her endure tough times.


Find out how former Missouri National Education Association president Greg Jung has channeled his experience as an educator into a fast-growing culinary business.

My Contribution

Six decades after her father was lynched, Josephine Bolling has written a book detailing her `father’s killing in 1940s Alabama.

Annual Meeting

Wisdom, Expertise, Insight, and Experience’
NEA Retired Members Urged to Mentor Active Counterparts



8 U.S. Senate moves to close the door on the disastrous legacy of NCLB.

Generation Z

They fill today’s classrooms, and NEA Today takes a look at how these students feel about important issues and what they expect the future to look like when they get there.

Your $3 At Work

16 In 2013, delegates to the NEA RA voted to increase annual membership dues. Today, the additional resources fuel educators’ nationwide efforts to transform the teaching profession.

Reading and Riding

Wisconsin school bus driver Ted Chaudoir creates innovative reading program for elementary school students.

When the Numbers Don’t Add Up

NEA Today visits Reading Pa.—one of the nation’s poorest cities—to learn why we must solve the inequity problem in school funding.

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