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NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members - Winter 2016

Cover Story

On the Right Path

Many NEA-Retired members swear by the benefits of walking. Physicians, nutritionists, exercise trainers, and numerous studies all say these senior citizens are, well, on the right path.

How Much Education Reform
Can $100 Million Buy Without Addressing Poverty?A look at what went wrong when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg tried to help New Jersey’s elected leaders transform Newark’s public schools.

Pension Plans: 
Three Perspectives
The experiences of three educators—two retired and one active—illustrate why lawmakers’ efforts to close pensions and move to defined contribution plans puts the retirement security of future educators at risk.

Four Generations
An inside look at a family of dedicated teachers whose legacy reaches back to 1917 and a one-room schoolhouse in Ironton, Ohio.

Where are the New Teachers?
The U.S. economy continues to grow, along with the demand for fully prepared new teachers.


President’s Message
Although the general election is months away, says Tom Curran, primaries and caucuses are a critical part of the process that elects the next president, and retirees must pay attention now.

Steve Ramos of Arizona spreads the gospel of retirement security to educators and other retirees about legislation that could harm their pensions or deny retirement, while Karen Otsby makes her voice heard among decision makers at all levels, local newspapers, meetings, and hearings on education policy and retirement security.

NEA-Retired News
Information about the NEA-Retired Annual Meeting, to be held June 29 – 30 in Washington, D.C., and the 2016 NEA-Retired Elections Nomination Form

From NEA Today

NEA’s Read Across America Day
On March 2, more than 45 million children, teens, and adults will gather for the nation’s largest reading celebration, featuring school campuses transformed into favorite books by Dr. Seuss, parades, reading pajama parties, author visits, and more.

Strength in Numbers
Did you know that one out of every 100 Americans is a member of NEA? Now, that’s power! As primary and caucus season approaches, we must take action and elect a candidate who stands with public education.

You Know How 
Those People Are
Although most educators strive to be fair and impartial, biases creep in—an uncomfortable truth for White educators who consider themselves to be progressive, open-minded, and socially conscious.

Give Us Your Feedback!
Soon, there will be a new way for members to share opinions with NEA. Watch for emails from to participate in online surveys designed to gather information on all sorts of topics. Your responses will help us build a better NEA.