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Share Your Story Using Social Media

Social media provides a platform for paraeducators and other ESPs to network with each other, share resources, advocate for education issues, and build a stronger community for ESPs. This section will provide you with information and tools on how to use various social media platforms to tell your story and engage other ESPs in dialogue around issues important to ESP careers.  

To get started, think about your narrative, potential audience, your goals and your brand.

What's Your Narrative?

Your narrative on social media should:

  • Build a story about your ESP team in your schools and community – your audience should be able to see themselves in that story.
  • Tell a story about values and experiences – these are powerful connectors.
  • Tell that story consistently – build a brand people recognize so they are comfortable passing it on (e.g., whole student)
  • Be responsive to your community – it’s called “social” media for a reason. Give people a way to contribute.

Who's Your Potential Audience?

When reaching out on social media identifying your target audience is very important. Who will read, respond, and advocate on your behalf?

Are you speaking to: 

Goals and Branding

Growing your thoughts on social media engagement from ideas to action takes planning. Think...what are my goals? Next, create and establish your brand.

Determine if you are a(n):

  • education advocate or activist?
  • researcher/data source?
  • expert/commentary resource?
  • subject-area expert?
  •  information aggregator?

Now that you have thought about your narrative, audience, goals and branding, you must decide how you want to share your story. There are many social media outlets to choose from. Below are links to tips on how to start sharing your story on some of the most popular social media platforms.

Facebook for Advocacy

Twitter for Advocacy

Other Tools and Resources