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We Can Fight the Destructive Trump-DeVos Agenda

3 reasons to give to the NEA Fund

As Betsy DeVos continues to do her best to tear down public education, your voluntary contribution (dues money can't be used for political activities) to the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education can help us elect pro-public education candidates, and put DeVos in check. 

Why is that important?


Betsy DeVos spent no time in a public school before becoming Secretary of Education. Her lack of experience is made clear by the destructive policies she champions. Your contributions to the NEA Fund support candidates who want our input on policy decisions. These individuals recognize that when it comes to public education, public school educators are the experts. 


Lawmakers who champion public education push back against vouchers and other schemes that rob public schools of scarce funding. These allies will help to rebuild public schools and ensure opportunity for all of our students.


The NEA Fund combines the efforts of members nationwide. It’s one of the best ways you can help stop the Trump administration's wrecking ball, and fight for strong public schools in your community.

Learn more about the NEA Fund and make your contribution at

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