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NEA Aspiring Educators Elections Procedures


Aspiring Educator Elections Procedures ( PDF, 344 KB, 14 pgs.) March 2019


National Education Association Aspiring Educators elections are held each year in the summer at the NEA Aspiring Educators Conference.

Annually, elections are held for student representatives and alternates to the NEA Board of Directors and  student representatives and alternates to the NEA Resolutions Committee.

  • Candidates for the Board of Directors positions must familiarize themselves with Campaign and Elections Regulations for NEA Offices—State, Retired, and Student Directors, the NEA policy which governs such elections. This document is available from the NEA Aspiring Educators Office: or NEA Governance and Policy Support (202-822-7000).
  • Candidates for the Resolutions Committee must familiarize themselves with Guidelines for the Elections of Resolutions Committee Members and the procedures for these elections. This document is available from NEA Governance and Policy Support by calling 202-822-7000.

Every other year, elections are held for the NEA Aspiring Educator Chairperson (Chairperson of the Advisory Committee of Aspiring Educators).

Student members who are delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly (NEA-RA) are eligible to vote in the NEA Aspiring Educators elections.

These procedures will apply to all NEA Aspiring Educators elections. The NEA Aspiring Educators Elections Procedures document constitutes the process for electing these positions at the NEA Student Leadership Conference and will be altered only by NEA.

These elections procedures will adhere to fair and just procedures. If anything in these procedures is found to be in conflict with NEA policy, rules or regulations, NEA policy, rules and regulations will prevail.


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