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Best of Works4Me: Bulletin Boards

Tips and ideas for effective, easy, and inexpensive bulletin boards.
Published: 06/19/2020

Works4Me is a free biweekly e-newsletter, showcasing practical classroom tips written by educators, along with other classroom resources to help ensure student success. For more than 15 years we have been gathering great ideas from the real experts, educators like you.

 Here we present you with some of the best tips on classroom bulletin boards that we’ve gathered over the years.

Inexpensive and Durable Materials 

Use Fabric For Backgrounds That Last

Tired of throwing away (and wasting!) all that paper you use on your bulletin boards? Here's a great tip from Ms. McCullough that will eliminate the waste and save you some time. 

Inexpensive Borders

Ms. Spear is a veteran teacher who offers this great tip for seasonal and situational bulletin board borders. Best of all, they last a long time and won't break your bank.

Grids and Divisions

Student Bulletin Boards

Ms. Johnson recycles brightly-colored tee shirts into bulletin board backgrounds to shocase student work. Students love having their own designated space for display and this is a great way to model recycling and reuse.

Drawing Permanent Lines on Marker Boards

Colored electrical tape and stick on letters can help you draw straight lines and identify sections of your board. This California fourth-grade teacher has a good idea for organizing your board clearly and neatly with just a little planning and the right tools.

Boards that Can Work All Year Long

Seasonal Trees

Ms. Russell's bulletin board tip lasts all year long. Find out how she decorates and redecorates a 3-D tree that serves as learning activities, creative inspiration, and even a service project for her students. 

Student Work Display

Ms. O'Neill found changing bulletin boards and logging in assignments to be very time-consuming. That's why she created this bulletin board tip where she can tell at a glance who has not turned in his or her work. 

Showcasing Student Work and Progress

Exemplary Wall 

Ms. Potter motivates students to perform well on test and quizzes and to behave well at school with a unique version of a hall of fame. The best part is that it’s portable: student can take pieces of it home to share their good works with family.

Road to Good Talking

At the beginning of each school year, this speech and language pathologist creates a fun and effective way to set the tone about goals and objectives. Her students strive to reach them all year long. Best of all? This tip has her students begging for extra work!

Reward System

Here's a neat way to reward good academic performance. Read about what Ms. Purvis does at the beginning of the year that really motivates her students to do well all year long.

Organizing and Storing Materials

Organizing Borders

Storing bulletin board borders from year to year, even month to month, can be a hassle. But Ms. Stitt's system helps streamline the process.

Organized Boards and Posters

To organize her bulletin boards and posters, Ms. Alderson devised this inexpensive tip. Best of all, this idea makes them are readily available and easy to sort.

When You Run Out of Space

Kiosk Display

Bulletin board space can be used up in a hurry. Ms. Kast found a way to have more display space that takes up no floor space.

Word Window

Where do you post your cumulative vocabulary word list in a classroom with limited display space? Ms. Lehrmann uses her classroom windows! Find out how it works for her - and her students!

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